COVID-19 Updates

March 20, 2020

Dear Customers of Long Bros. Building Supply, Inc.,

Long Bros. wanted to take the time to inform you about what steps we are taking to do our best to continue to help our community during this time. We have always had a strong logistical plan in place to maintain a clean working environment for both our customers and our staff. Upon the recent virus outbreak and world events, we want you to know that the safety and health of our customers and staff is very important. We have taken extra measures at the store to increase our daily cleaning procedures. This includes sanitizing carts and baskets, counters, washing hands, credit card machines, door handles and more throughout the day. We will maintain regular business hours for our community. Monday thru Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm and Saturdays from 8:00am to 3:00pm. We are closed Sundays for family time.

Currently, we are in the same situation as most retailers on supplies such as toilet paper, masks, hand soaps, etc. We do have items in stock, but when they are gone and we need to replenish, we will be on the allocation with the rest of retailers out there. As products arrive, we will do our best to communicate this via social media.

If you are an employer sending in employees to pick up materials and need to pay over the phone, please call us (503) 981-4041 and a sales associate can assist you with those payments. Our employees have been instructed to not handle customer cell phones at this time both for their safety and the safety of our customers. Also, if you have some supplies that you need and want to call orders in for faster pickup and delivery to your car upon arrival, please call and the sales associates can also assist with that.

Our family would like to Thank You for your continued business. As a small family business, it is important to continue to assist our community during times like this and will do our best to do it in a safe and healthy manner for all involved.


Mark Long
Jim Long
Kelly Long