Bids & Quotes

We understand that every job is unique and as a family owned local business, we have made it our priority to earn and keep your business. That means customer service and knowing our customers personally is what separates us from the competition. We would be honored to give you a bid or quote for the job you are planning. Custom order packages mean everything you need is included and delivered to the job site making your job easier. We look forward to talking with you about your plans!

Key Cutting

From duplicating vehicle and house keys to handling a home sale, we have key cutting services for you! We have die cut keys to create a more special gift for a new homeowner. Add “key duplication” to your Long Bros list and have them handled while you shop.

Custom Paint Matching

Have you ever seen a color that you loved but without the paint swatch, felt helpless to use it in your own space? We handle your custom paint matching! Bring in a pillow, a board or a photo and we can do our best to recreate the look you want. We take the time to make sure our customers are happy.

Special Orders

If you know there is an item that are aren’t seeing in our store, there’s a good chance we can order it for you! Please let one of our fine staff know what it is that you need and we can go about getting it for you. Being independently owned and operated means we have the agility to research your product and determine how to get it for you.