amy-howard-at-home-logoWe are so excited to be bringing in the Amy Howard at Home line of products! We have been very fortunate to be able to hear Amy speak both at the Ace Warehouse in Moxee, Washington and at the trade show in Chicago about her passion of Rescuing, Restoring and Redecorating. Amy is originally from Memphis Tennessee and her knowledge of old world art combined with a deep appreciation for fine furnishings is what helps every piece of furniture that is touched by her products to have a story of it’s own.

Did you know that 8.5 million tons of furniture and accessory items are being discarded annually? The trend of rescuing and restoring these pieces has taken off with the help of programs on HGTV and websites like Pinterest. With the Amy Howard line of products we will stock at Long Bros, you too can join in the ease of rescuing furniture and pieces to fit your lifestyle.

amy-howard-one-step-paint-can-longb-bros-woodburn-paintOne of our favorite products of Amy’s is the One Step Paint. What makes one step different from others? It is All Natural, no VOC’s, Green Certified, Made in the USA, No Methanol, and the most exciting part, there is no need to strip, sand or prime (and in some cases even seal) your projects for a beautiful finish.

One Step can be used on Fabric, Ceramic, Plastic, Resin, Brick, Glass, Wicker, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Sheet Metal, Iron, Formica, Melamine, Wood, Acrylic, Concrete, Lacquer and Varnish Finishes. The other nice thing is that you can achieve different finishes with the One Step, including a Chalky Matte Finish, amy-howard-one-step-paint-woodburn-long-brosWatermarking with the Antiquing Glaze or a Smooth Cracked Patina Finish! One Step can be used to paint fabric, paint furniture, cabinets, frames, lamps, walls, floors and ceilings. The potential is endless. Amazingly, this is only ONE of her many great products that we will have available! Visit the Amy Howard website.

We will be starting to teach Amy Howard classes here at Long Bros. in November! Our first class will be the One Step class, held November 4th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. This class will be $25 per person, includes all of the supplies you will need. Learn how simple it is to use the Amy Howard One Step Paint in this two hour class. Class must be paid for in advance to reserve a space, so call the office to get registered!

screen-mend-woodburn-long-brosNEW PRODUCT ALERT:
Screen Mend. If you’re a Shark Tank watcher, you may have seen this product on the show. Screen Mend is a NEW quick and easy way to mend your screens in a window and patio screen door. Screen Mend comes in two colors, Silver-Gray or Charcoal. It also comes in two sizes as well. A two pack of 5” x 7” sheets or a roll that is 2” x 80” long. Come check out this great new product the next time you’re in!