It’s time to open the drapes and look outside because summer is coming and with it, comes BBQ’s and time spent outdoors. Maybe it’s time for a new deck; a great way to enhance your life and your property value. We have several choices for you based on your taste and lifestyle. We have all of the materials to build your deck from the ground up. From the pressure treated materials to build the frame work to the post hole diggers, blocks, nails and fasteners to connect everything together. Pick your surface boards:



Tamko Composite Decking features attractive natural colors with deep lasting, wood grain created by multiple patterns for authentic looking beauty. It is a low maintenance material that is convenient because it’s easy to install and you don’t have to paint or stain it. It also comes with a 20-year limited warranty against rotting, splintering, splitting and termite damage. Low moisture absorption helps to protect the integrity of the board, which we all know is very important here in the Pacific Northwest!

EverGrain Composite Decking is 1” x 6” available in 12’ and 16’ lengths.
Colors: Redwood, Cedar, Weathered Wood, Cape Cod Grey



Cedar decking is a beautiful product and it’s fragrant aroma usually brings up nostalgic memories. It is a smart, chemical-free choice when designing with children, pets, entertaining, alfresco dining, and gardens in mind. Our Cedar decking also comes with a Radius edge top side and kirf cuts on the back to help with warping and twisting. Any of our team members can help you choose the Superdeck stain for the surface to help protect it from sun damage. If your deck is built in the fall or winter, it cannot be stained immediately, so now is the best time of year to tackle this project.

Incense Cedar 2” x 6” is available in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, & 16’ lengths.

Outdoor Wood
Outdoor Wood comes pretreated and it can last several years before you would need to reseal it to protect from the sun since we live in Oregon and not Arizona! This will be the least expensive option of the three listed. Most pressure treated decking is a hemlock fir mix which can be susceptible to twists and cupping. Elite Decking has transformed pressure treated wood by combining an advanced pressure treatment process to Douglas Fir, an extremely resistant, durable wood with a lifespan of more than 20 years.

Outdoor Wood 2” x 6” available in 8’, 10’, 12’, & 16’ lengths
Outdoor Wood 2” x 4” available in 8’, 10’, & 12’ lengths
Outdoor Wood 4” x 4” available in 8’ lengths

Superdeck transparent stain is formulated for exterior use on any exterior wood surface including decks, fences, siding, or outdoor furniture, so if you have some left over after your deck, you can utilize it elsewhere.

  • Only one coat necessary
  • Highest quality iron oxide pigments to create long lasting colors
    and inhibit UV damage caused by the sun
  • Formulated to resist growth of mildew and algae on the coating’s surface
  • Excellent water repellency

Do you need a permit? If you live within Woodburn city limits, you only need a permit from the city if the deck will be 30” above grade. Bring in a rough sketch or diagram of your deck; include where it may connect to a house or if it’s free standing and we can do the math to help you figure all of the materials and quantities.

As always, the Long family would like to Thank You for your continued business and support. If you enjoyed this blog post, we would appreciate your comments and shares in social media. We look forward to seeing you for all of your decking needs.