Maybe it was there when you moved in, left by the previous owners or the builder so you can touch up dings or fill nail holes or repaint. More than 700 million gallons of paint is sold each year in the U.S. and it is estimated that about 10% of that goes unused and may be sitting in garages across the country. Starting in 2010, an Oregon law required the industry to develop a sustainable solution to manage this stash of paint and make recycling it more convenient by setting up drop-off sites throughout the state where consumers can take it.

PaintCare recycle sites accepts interior or exterior latex paint, stains and varnishes sold in containers of 5 gallons or less. They accept paint from both residences and businesses. If your business produces more than 25 gallons of waste per month, you may have some restrictions. You can find out more by visiting: or calling 855-724-6809
COST: This program is funded by a fee that paint manufacturers pay to PaintCare for each container of paint sold in the state. Manufacturers pass the fee to distributors and retailers who include the fee in the purchase price of paint…so you have paid to recycle your paint already!

PaintCare will make sure that your paint gets recycled or properly disposed of at state authorized paint processing facilities. Click here for a list of all the locations that accept paint and you will also see a chart indicating how much they can accept.

ANOTHER OPTION: Habitat for Humanity also takes liquid latex paint so long as it’s in the original container with the original label attached. They can actually USE the paint on a project instead of processing it as recycled. For drop off sites, visit:

spring-is-comingSpring is coming!!!

Spring is right around the corner! On these few sunny days, do you look in the yard picturing that new deck or patio that you’ve wanted? Do you dream of planing veggie starts? Well, Long Bros. can help! It’s a great time of year to start planning out new raised garden beds for the veggie garden. We have a variety of different mate-rials and ideas to help you complete those beds.

Simply take a measurement of the area you are working with and we can help you figure the materials you need to get those beds done! I know that this year is the year that my fence needs replaced! The wind, rain and trees growing into it have brought it to its last winter. It’s time to take the tape measure out to the fence and get things figured for what I need to take home. I’ll be starting from scratch and we have everything here to start brand new, down to the fence stain to give it a nice color after I’m done. We see a lot of people working on decking projects during the spring to prepare for summer. We have a variety of materials to help get that project done. Again, just jot down the measurements of your projects and we can help with the rest. From beginning to end, we are here to help you complete those home projects this spring to turn your summer into a nice relaxing time to BBQ and spend with family and friends!


Featured Product

Check out this great new product we have on the shelf here at Long Bros.!  Our favorite is the Magic Hand Cleaner!  We deal with a lot of pitch here when the guys are out loading purchase orders!  This Jack Magic Hand Soap takes it all right off!  Use about a dime size on your hands, scrub up and the pitch is gone!  We also carry their Paint & Graffiti wipes and their large container of “Everything” Cleaning wipes!  We are loving this new product!  Stop by and check it out!

Jack Everything Cleaning Wipes (110 Ct.) – $15.99

Jack Paint & Graffiti Wipes (25 Ct.) – $6.99

Concentrated Magic Hand Soap 3.38 Oz. – $1.99

Concentrated Magic Hand Soap 13.53 Oz. – $4.99 (not pictured)