This time of year, many people are working on their summer projects and one of the biggest projects that we see is replacing an old deck or putting up a new deck. Long Bros. can help you on your deck project from start to finish. The first step on your deck project is to figure out the size of the deck, if it’s free standing or connected to your home, and what kind of material you want for the surface.

If you bring us a rough drawing of your area, how large you want your deck, where you’re attaching it to the house or if it’s free standing. We can figure the materials that you will need from the framing materials, to decking and handrail. We have a selection of surface materials in stock. Our most common types of surface materials are Outdoor Wood and Cedar. Both of these are beautiful materials that can have coordinating handrails. The Cedar decking should be stained once it is installed and both of them are generally stained every year.

If you are looking for something with a little less maintenance, we carry Evergrain Composite Decking materials. This is an easy to install product and even easier to clean. Each year a little Oxi-Clean, Tide, hot water and a scrub brush and it looks like new. If you have an idea in mind, a project you’re planning or just have questions on your next decking project, give us a call! We’re here to help!


The Long Family