Long Bros takes the mystery out of fencing options. Your animals are an investment and keeping them safe and secure is paramount. In the past, natural materials were the only available supplies for farm fencing. But in the late 1800s, barbed wire was invented offering the farm fence builder an effective means of creating long-standing barriers and multiple paddocks with much more ease.


  • Wood Fence Posts  (Line and
    corner posts)
  • Steel T-Posts (line posts in between wood posts)
  • Field Fencing (best for cattle, sheep, goats, livestock)
  • Stable Mesh Fencing (best for horses)
  • Barbed Wire (used to keep animals from leaning on the fence)
  • Field Fence (Heights of 39-6, 47-6, and 55-6) 330’ Length Rolls
  • Stable Mesh (Heights of 4’, 5’ & 6’) 100’ Length Rolls
  • Barb Wire Comes in 2Pt. and 4Pt. wire.  1,320 foot Length Rolls. Made in the U.S.A.

Corner and end posts are the foundation to any fencing.  Posts should be set to a depth of 1/2 the height of the fence but never less than three feet.  They are most secure set in concrete with adequate bracing. 8 to 12 feet between posts is the usual spacing recommendation. Treat wood posts with a preservative before assembling your fence or buy pretreated lumber.

Need help?  Draw out the property you are fencing. Include buildings, roads or large natural features then stop in for a visit. We can help you determine the supplies you will need.

Do you have…

  • Chain Saw to clear brush
    & tree limbs from fence line
  • Fence Stretcher
  • Post-hole digger or drive
  • Wire cutter/splicer
  • Tightening Tool
  • Heavy-duty Hammer
  • Steel tape measure
  • Lap-style sleeves for 12-1/2 gauge
    wire and crimping tools
  • Spinning Jenny for smooth wire
  • Fence staples and post fasteners
  • Fence stays (for smooth wire
    or grounding)

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