Jim has been involved at Long Bros. his entire life. As a kid he used to run around the office and help with things when the family had a business in Keizer that his grandfather started. In 1974 he came to Woodburn with the rest of the family to start the business here. For many years Jim drove truck for the business, picking up materials and bringing them back to sell. As times changed, Jim moved into the office to help with the operations of Long Bros. Currently the President of the Corporation he continues to help daily at the counter with our customers and assist his son Mark in some of the daily management things that go on. Jim is also the primary purchaser of our commodity items, lumber, plywood, and fencing materials. He is one of five family members that you will see here on a daily basis.

Jim has been married to his wife Janice for 35 years this September. His son Mark has followed in the family business alongside his dad. Jim has a daughter Jennifer that teaches at Willamette Valley Christian in Brooks. In his off time, Jim is an active member of his church, he enjoys working on old trucks with Mark and is often traveling or camping with the family.