I was skeptical until I actually tried these at the trade show and since then we have been in LOVE with this product!  Here’s the details: They will not scratch any type of surface, they clean easily and won’t hold any kind of debris. Here’s the best part: The innovative flex texture allows it to change its texture (WHAT?!) based on water temperature Now, in addition to the Original Scrub Daddy, we have added the other styles!  (STOCKING STUFFER HINT HERE) I took home the three pack of the Sponge Daddy and love them!  I also took home the Lemon scented Scrub Daddy.  Makes cleaning out stuck on food in pots and pans a breeze!  Even cleaned out the dog’s bowl- easy peasy!  We can’t say enough about how handy these are and with a low price point, everyone should be getting a pack of these on Christmas morning!