Pavers, blocks, retaining walls, decking, outdoor lights and pergolas.

We decided to combine all of these lovely things into ONE blog post because each home owner has different needs for their varying yards and gardens.

No matter what your budget is, you can create your very own personal retreat! ANY of these can add interest and delight to your space, separate areas for different uses and add functionality and beauty.

If creating a landscape that looks good all year long is important to you, incorporate pavers, blocks & retaining walls. They don’t require much maintenance and when the weather gets dreary, they will stay the same! The words “pavers, blocks and retaining walls” don’t sound very exciting but when you can see how beautiful they can be, it’s worth the investment.

One of our favorite looks for separating homes is to create a Dry River bed using varying sized rocks. They give a natural divider and add interest to your landscape.


Decking and outdoor lights can turn an average yard into a dreamy evening space for dinners or hosting guests. Long Bros carries several different kinds of wood so let us know what you are envisioning (yes, bring in your photos or magazines) and we can help pinpoint the most appropriate materials for you.

With homes being built closer and closer together, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have your own space. Here are a few clever and attractive ways to create outdoor privacy using pots, plants, curtains and wood to enhance your ambiance.

  • Add privacy and shade to a covered porch by layering hanging pots. Trailing plants like Ivy are excellent fillers, but just about any full plant or flower will work to suit the season. You can also plant fast growing vines in pots, attach rows of fishing line from the flower pots up to the porch cover, and guide the vines to grow up the wire. Flowering vines, like morning glory, can reach 20 feet in a matter of just a few months.
  • Just like in your windows at home, privacy curtains made out of outdoor fabric are an attractive way to create a little private retreat. They create privacy and shade just when you need it.
  • Make your very own garden wall! This not only serves the purpose of creating privacy, but also gives you more room to grow an herb garden by using vertical space, and could potentially mask an unattractive wall or neighboring home.
  • Garden pots can instantly add several feet of height to your plants, shrubs, flowers and trees. Place them close together to create a charming wall wherever privacy is needed.


A pergola can create a defined space for sitting, eating and entertaining. It can provide vertical structure for vines to grow eventually providing privacy if necessary, and for hanging outdoor lights and/or curtains.

No matter which of these projects appeal to you, please ask our associates for help and information on what you might need to properly install them. We have most everything you will need to create your backyard oasis and we hope this blog post has served as inspiration for your summer projects.